The Research Commission (RC), responsible for the planning, enhancement, and monitoring of research activities at the DMV, is composed of the Research Delegate and 15 members, one for each SSD represented within the Department. They are assisted by the Project Manager, K-user, and a TAB personnel unit.





Prof. Stefano Capomaccio [AGR/17]  


Academic staff

Prof. Luisa Pascucci [VET/01]

Prof. Massimo Zerani [VET/02]

Prof. Chiara Brachelente [VET/03]

Prof. David Ranucci [VET/04]

Prof. Patrizia Casagrande Proietti [VET/05]

Prof. Fabrizia Veronesi [VET/06]

Prof. Alessandra Di Salvo [VET/07]

Prof. Domenico Caivano [VET/08]

Prof. Marco Pepe [VET/09]

Prof. Lakamy Sylla [VET/10]

Prof. Gabriele Acuti [AGR/18]

Prof. Andrea Verini Supplizi [AGR/19]

Dr. Elisabetta Chiaradia [BIO/10]

Prof. Luca Avellini [BIO/12]


Project Manager

Dr.ssa Cristina Gasparri



Dott. Giovanni Ricci


TAB personnel

Mrs Susanna Avellini