Elisabetta Chiaradia -  Senior Researcher - SSD BIO/10 - Biochemistry

  • Doctor in Biological Science (1991, University of Perugia)
  • PhD in Biochemistry (1997, University of Perugia)
  • School of Specialization in Clinical Biochemistry (2002, University of Perugia).

Her lines of research include:

  • Expression proteomics; functional proteomics; interactomics; post-translational modifications analysis; protein functional analysis ; biochemical assays;
  • Effects of radical oxygen species (ROS) and, both as potential oxidizers and as regulators of various cellular functions. Oxidative modification of protein lipids and DNA and their implications in cellular metabolism
  • Molecular aspects of stress induced by physical activity in horse
  • Oxidative stress in animal welfare and diseases.
  • Molecular aspects of joint diseases (osteoathritis, osteochondrosis, tendinopathy) ed effects of drugs and autologous therapy.

Expertise in electrophoretic and chromatographic techniques. Biochemical and functional tests, Preparation and maintenance of primary cell cultures and stabilized lines. Use of software for functional and interactomics analysis.


AVELLINI Luca - Associate Professor, SSD BIO / 12 - Clinical Biochemistry and Clinical Molecular Biology

Degree in Medicine and Surgery (University of Perugia, 1986)

Specialization in Endocrinology (University of Perugia, 1989)

His lines of research include: 

  • Effects of radical oxygen species (ROS) as oxidizing potentials and as regulators of cellular functions
  • Molecular aspects of stress induced to the horse by physical activity 



Terracina Luigi

Graduate in biological sciences

Scientific technician, cat. D.



Tognoloni Alessia - PhD student in Health and VETERINARY EXPERIMENTAL SCIENCES XXXVI cycle

Course year: II

Title of the research project: Effects of pro-inflammatory conditions and oxidative stress on equine tenocytes: possible implications in tendinopathies.

Master's Degree LM-6 in Biomolecular and Environmental Sciences, obtained on 24/02/2020, University of Perugia



  • LS1_1 Macromolecular complexes including interactions involving nucleic acids, proteins, lipids and carbohydrates
  • LS1_2 Biochemistry
  • LS1_4 RNA synthesis, processing, modification, degradation
  • LS1_5 Protein synthesis, modification, turnover
  • LS1_6 Lipid biology
  • LS1_10 Molecular mechanisms of signalling pathways
  • LS2_2 Non-coding RNAs
  • LS2_5 Epigenetics and gene regulation
  • LS2_9 Proteomics
  • LS2_10 Metabolomics
  • LS2_12 Bioinformatics
  • LS2_15 Systems biology
  • LS3_5 Cell signalling and signal transduction