VERONESI Fabrizia - Associate Professor VET / 06

Graduated in Veterinary Medicine (2003, University of Perugia)

PhD (2008, University of Perugia).


DIAFERIA Manuela - Researcher VET / 06

Graduated in Veterinary Medicine (2001, University of Perugia).

 PhD (2006, University of Perugia).

 Specialization in Animal Health, Breeding and Zootechnical Production (2010, University of Bologna).


MORGANTI Giulia - RtdB

Graduated in Veterinary Medicine (2010, University of Perugia).

 PhD (2014, University of Perugia).


  • Epidemiological studies on diseases carried by arthropods, mainly sand flies and VBPs vectors (eg Leishmania, Babesia, Rickettziales, Cytauxzoon);
  • Studies on the genetic identity of isolated parasites in domestic and wild animals;
  • Development and fine-tuning of new diagnostic tools and targets to be used for epidemiological screening of therapeutic follow-ups in both protozoal (eg. Toxoplasmosis and Leishmaniasis) and helminthic infections of the respiratory system of small animals (eg Aelurostrongylosis, Angiostrongylosis);
  • Epidemiological studies relating to infections caused by enteropathogens (eg Giardia, CryptosporidiumTritrichomonas, Haentamoeba, Blastocystis) in pets (dogs and cats) and also by animal species considered "non-conventional;
  • Studies on the biology and distribution of emerging airway parasites in dogs and cats and their wild animals;
  • Development of protocols and optimal treatment dosages for helminthic and protozoan infestations in equidae and companion animals;
  • Research on the defense of foodstuffs and transformation products from infesting arthropods and morphological research on arthropods of medical-veterinary interest.
  • Consolidated experience in: a) techniques of immunodiagnosis of parasitic diseases, molecular biology applied to the diagnostic study of parasites of domestic and domestic animals; b) in the recognition of a wide range of parasites of interest in veterinary, agro-zootechnical and food; c) conducting clinical trials for the validation of diagnostic tests and to evaluate the efficacy of parasitic products.
  • Collaborations with numerous public and private research entities in Italy and abroad



 MORETTA Iolanda - Contractor

Graduated in Veterinary Medicine (2003, University of Perugia).

 PhD (2010, University of Perugia).

 Contractor for the Parasitological Diagnostic Service.

 Support to the activity related to the Third Mission

 Support for targeted research



LS6_10 – Parasitology, LS6_13 -Veterinarymedicine andinfectiousdiseasesinanimals


Third Mission Activities

Diagnostic services provided by the Veterinary Parasitology Service Center to freelance structures in the regions of Umbria, Marche, Tuscany and Lazio and to the OVUD of the Department of Veterinary Medicine of Perugia;

Technical consultancy for pharmaceutical companies that deal with pesticide products against endo and ectoparasites, present in the main species of zootechnical interest and in the field of pets;

Organization of specialist diagnostics courses aimed at the freelance world promoted by pharmaceutical companies or scientific societies.

Consulting activity in commodity entomology for agro-food companies;

Consultancy in health entomology for private individuals;