Director: prof. Giorgia della Rocca 

Vice Director: prof. Antonello Bufalari

Members of scientific board: prof. Stefano Coaccioli, Luca Mechelli, Maria Teresa Mandara, Silvana Diverio and dr. Alessandra Di Salvo, Marialuisa Marenzoni, Maria Beatrice Conti, Sara Nannarone

The main purposes of the Research Center on Animal Pain are:

  • Promote and coordinate research activities on the pain recognition and on the treatment of various painful conditions, acute and chronic, in different animal species, with the intent to improve their health and quality of life through the improvement of knowledge.
  • Promote multidisciplinary training courses and seminar activities in order to provide the most appropriate tools in the field of research, teaching and clinical care activities.
  • Encourage interdisciplinary discussions on the topic.