The CRCS is concerned with the genetic improvement of equine populations of national interest, with a focus on health aspects, fundamental in the evaluation of athletes.

 Further information on the CRCS website.


The main objectives of the group are:

  • promote and coordinate research activities, both basic and applicative, for the enhancement of the national equine heritage;
  • raise the awareness of potential external users on the competences present in the Center with scientific dissemination initiatives;
  • transfer the results of research and innovations to users quickly and directly, also through permanent refresher courses for veterinarians and technicians in the sector.

The research fields concern:

  •  the evaluation of pre-selection and selection genetic tests (Performance Test) for Maremmano (stallions and mares) and Sella Italiano (stallions);
  • morphological and performance test genetic indices for the Maremma;
  • experimental genetic indices for the Italian Trotter;
  • estimation of the heritability of osteochondrosis in the Maremma horse
  • exercise stress and overtraining: study of gene expression in horses subjected to stress for the monitoring of animal welfare and for the identification of stress markers through molecular techniques;
  • etiopathogenesis of poor performance syndromes in sport horses;
  • characterization of national equine populations through the establishment of DNA Banks;
  • molecular analyzes and studies on uniparental inheritance (mtDNA, ChrY) for the characterization of female and male lines;
  • structural genomics studies to search for variants related to performance in the athlete horse;
  • identification of markers for pathologies with a genetic predisposition;
  • molecular characterization and phylogeny studies of viral and bacterial agents responsible for infectious diseases in horses;
  • developmental orthopedic diseases;
  • evaluation of laryngeal and pharyngeal functionality in horses for neuroprosthesis implantation;
  • epidemiological studies relating to the main tick-borne pathogens and helminthic pathologies of horses and donkeys.